We will help your company to gain all the benefits of global outsourcing.


Who are we?

We are part of the AWI Group, an International Engineering Group of companies, located in Europe and the Far East.

AWI Group has nine subsidiary and associate companies which provide steel buildings and structures on a turnkey design and build basis around the world.

We also offer sourcing of individually engineered steel elements for use in all types of construction projects.

60 years UK experience

We have traded in over 60 countries and we have partners and suppliers in 26 countries in Europe and the Far East

What services do we offer?

AWI Outsourcing can help your company remain competitive, saving costs and cashflow, by sourcing in the most economic and effective markets in the world.

If we understand your product – we can help!

Quality Fabrication, International Codes and Standards, Integrated Design

What we can do

  • Locate competitive suppliers
  • Check quality and qualification
  • Compare prices in different markets
  • Place contracts in local format
  • Control cashflow and currency
  • Inspect, test, sample, certify
  • Agree programmes and check progress
  • Report regularly
  • Pack securely
  • Ship by container or break bulk
  • Provide Import /Export documentation
  • Arrange Customs Clearance
  • Deliver Safely FOB/CIF/to site

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Our Work

AWI Group undertakes approximately 150-200 contracts each year for a variety of clients – Multinational Companies, Management Contractors, Design and Build Contractors, Architects, Consulting Engineers and our partner-contractors or agents in specific countries.

Our Contracts can cover any or all of the following:

Ventilation Systems
Mezzanine Floors
Rainwater Systems

Steel Frame
Roof Cladding
Wall Cladding
Curtain Walling
Door and Windows

Fire Resistance
Single-Point Responsibility
Specification to suit Client

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Our Work